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  • What is Kazzah?
    Kazzah is a platform connecting consumers to local service providers for booking, communication, and payment, all accessible through a secure mobile resource. Kazzah Members can sign up for free accounts, while service providers, known as Kazzah Pros, start with a trial period and then transition to a low-cost monthly fee for access to Kazzah’s suite of services and visibility to Members.
  • What sets Kazzah apart from other service platforms?
    Kazzah distinguishes itself by prioritizing connections based on personal trust rather than sheer volume of followers. It frees consumers and service providers from reliance on reviews and paid advertising, instead fostering authentic word-of-mouth recommendations through permission-based sharing of experiences. Users enjoy an ad-free experience and actionable search results, facilitating seamless engagement with new providers.
  • How does sharing work on Kazzah?
    Members are encouraged to create personal, private networks for sharing experiences and content with their most trusted friends. Kazzah lets users see which service providers their trusted connections use, promoting efficient and authentic word-of-mouth recommendations. Authenticity is maintained through content-sharing approval from both service providers and Members, who have full control over sharing preferences.
  • What about privacy controls?
    Kazzah provides customizable settings for Members to control the visibility of their information and content on the platform. Members can choose which service providers and content are viewable by others or kept private. Strict security measures, including encrypted account data and verified mobile phone numbers, safeguard personal information. Member mobile phone numbers are not visible to anyone on Kazzah.
  • How do I get started?
    Consumers typically become Kazzah Members through invitations from current service providers or friends who are already Members. Alternatively, they can download the Member app directly from
  • I just created my member account - how do I connect with my Pros?**
    If you were invited by a current service provider (Pro), you can easily connect with them through the Member app, add them to your dashboard, and book appointments. You can also search your contacts to add other trusted Pros, with Kazzah automatically sending them an SMS invitation to connect.
  • How do I organize my service providers so I can easily find them?
    The Member app allows you to categorize your Pros into personalized channels, such as Auto, Self Care, Home, etc. You can also create custom channels based on your preferences, enabling easy organization, booking, and management of appointments with local service providers.
  • If I need to find a new Pro, how is Kazzah better than a traditional web search?
    Kazzah's search functionality offers list and map views of providers, with filters based on trusted connections and popularity among Members. This provides efficient word-of-mouth insights, allowing you to message trusted connections for advice about specific Pros, eliminating the need to sift through reviews.
  • How do Members securely pay for appointments through the mobile app?
    The Member app features a secure payment option, allowing you to add and encrypt a credit or debit card for direct payments to any Kazzah Pro. Importantly, Kazzah doesn't store credit card information; instead, it uses a secure "token" system to facilitate payments securely within the app.
  • How does Kazzah maintain records of appointments and payments?
    The app automatically compiles comprehensive records of all appointments and payments with Pros, including associated photos and videos. This centralized record-keeping simplifies tracking and managing interactions with various service providers.
  • How do I get started as a Pro?
    Pros begin with a free trial period, during which they can utilize all the services without providing their credit card information. Pros can kick start doing business on Kazzah with Kazzah’s express onboarding and connect with some or all of their customers.
  • How much does Kazzah Pro account cost?
    Pros are charged a $24.99 monthly Pro Account Service Fee and the account can be cancelled at anytime The monthly account service fee covers the entire range of services listed below. A customized listing of your services. A customized calendar for customers and prospects to book appointments for your services. The ability for Pros to propose appointments to existing customers. Day, week, and month schedules for resource planning. Real-time, secure messaging with your customers and connections (elminates phone tag). Permission-based photo and video sharing among customers. A fully integrated, low-cost credit card processing system. Customer Invoicing - with or without making appointments. Performance Analysis for service offerings and customers. Secure record keeping on Amazon Web Services.
  • How are Kazzah Pros discovered by new customers?
    New customers can easily find and connect with Pros using Kazzah’s intuitive search features. Members can generate map views and lists of service providers, filtered by services and location preferences. Prospective new customers can also view which providers are trusted by their personal connections and by all Kazzah members as well. This unique search feature provides a word-of-mouth-like insight into reliability and trust. Search results are immediately actionable - no need to start over on a provider's website or download a provider’s app - Kazzah will send the Pro a connection invite.
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