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Your friends are your Superpower

We're changing the way you discover and engage trusted local service pros: FOREVER.

Simply connect with your friends and unlock your private network of trusted service pros.

Manage, book and pay  for your
local service

providers in one place.

Skip noname reviews - a trusted way to discover the best pros around.

From to do-to tad-ah!
Save time searching and get things done with trusted resources always at your fingertips.

A simple connection unlocks the collective wisdom of your personal network with an open list of trusted resources.

Join the sharing revolution by downloading Kazzah today!

We're sharing

Download the app, create your account and start building your personal network.

Keep tabs on your
to-dos with a simple
daily dashboard.

All your trusted pros
in one place. Book,
pay, and keep records all in one place.

Your go-to discovery tool to find your friends’ trusted pros quickly and easily. No more random reviews!

How it works

Follow your trusted pros while seeing the results of their work - firsthand!  

Still have questions?

Grow & Get discovered
a better way.

  • Word-of-mouth marketing

  • Quick payments

  • Client Records

  • Scheduling

  • Content Creation

  • Analytics & Insights

It's word of mouth.

Wired for the way we live life now.

Wired for the way we live life now.

It's word of mouth.

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